One of the best parts of our City-Wide Volunteer Day is getting to work alongside friends and family. Last year we had 19 teams serve together! Are you part of an organized group such as a business, church, or service group that would like to volunteer as a team?

Why should you register as a team? 

  • Our Project Director will reach our to help pick the best project for your team
  • Your team name will be added to the project so your teammates can easily identify which project to sign up for.
  • Your team name will be listed on the flyer handed out at the rally
  • Your team will receive a shoutout from the stage during the rally
This is a great team building opportunity and a fantastic chance to get your name out there as well.

We can't wait to love our city with you on April 27th!

Oakdale Lions Club

Dutch Bros. Oakdale

River Oak Grace